Here's just a small sampling of the environmental services projects we've worked on.

Nh Fish and Game

For years, Swamp, Inc. has worked with NH Fish and Game on a variety of projects. Most recently the Great Bay Estuarine Research Reserve. We have worked to control invasive plants on several conservation land locations to encourage native vegetation growth. All sites contained sensitive species and control was performed accurately to prevent damage to native plants. 


NH Department of Transportation

Swamp, Inc. has worked with NH DOT for the past 4 years to control large colonies of Japanese Knotweed and other invasive species taking over large areas of state and interstate highways. These were controlled to encourage native vegetation growth and remove overgrowth blocking visibility. 


Nh Dam Bureau

Swamp, Inc. has worked with the NH Dam Bureau for the last 4 years controlling invasive plants, poison ivy and structural weeds at dams throughout the state. Vegetation control reduces the maintenance required to keep our dams structurally sound and protects workers from poison ivy. Controlling invasive vegetation also reduces the ability to spread downstream.