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Florida Eco Control - Integrated Pest Solutions for Private Communities

Florida Eco Control was started to bring the same integrated approach Swamp Inc. uses in New England to Florida. While Florida's many mosquito control districts coordinate large county wide mosquito control, many private communities and resorts need the services of a commercial pest control company to keep residents and guests comfortable. In addition with Florida's mild climate, vegetation control is required to keep facilities well maintained and aesthetically pleasing. Florida Eco Control provides consolidated services for added convenience.

Services Include:

Mosquito Control - Control of breeding around community ponds, canals and artificial containers as well as control of flying adults. Most pest control operators only treat for flying adults, we reduce mosquitoes at the source.

Invasive Vegetation Control - Restoring native vegetation and the natural beauty of communities by controlling unwanted invasive species. This includes such damaging upland plants as Kudzu and Climbing Ferns as well as aquatic pests like Water Lettuce and Hydrilla. Not only can these reduce effectiveness of drainage systems, but can harbor mosquito breeding. 

Right-of-Way Weed Control - Controlling weeds and vegetation on roads and sidewalks as well as utility areas reduces maintenance costs and keeps communities looking clean.

Lake and Pond Management - Maintaining the health and beauty of natural and ornamental ponds. Aquatic vegetation control, algae remediation, and shoreline repair are just a few of the services offered to keep your ponds looking pristine and maintain the natural ecology.

Wetland Restoration - Continuing our tradition of restoring wetlands to natural beauty and proper drainage in New England. Drainage ditch maintenance and new excavation helps to keep wetland ecosystems healthy and reduce mosquito breeding areas. Invasive vegetation control also offered to reduce damaging and unsightly colonization from invasive plants. Florida Eco Control can improve the functionality and beauty of Florida's wetlands.  

Low Ground Pressure Excavation and Mowing - Our wetland excavator, tracked dump carrier, and skid steer are designed to provide excavation and mowing work in sensitive areas where conventional machinery will damage the wetlands. With a low ground pressure design even marshes and sensitive areas around golf course greens can be mowed or excavated with minimal wear on the ground.



Florida Eco Control is owned and operated by Entomologist Michael Morrison. 

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P.O.  Box 928   Naples, Florida 34106