Michael Morrison


  • President of Swamp, Inc. and sister company Municipal Pest Management Services.

  • Michael is an aquatic entomologist specializing in biting flies and pests for over 30 years.  He has coordinated over 50 wetland restoration projects. He is also an expert on invasive plant identification and treatment, with experience with many different species and enviroments.

  • He has designed mosquito control programs for the Department of Defense and invasive insect and plant programs for Fish and Game Departments.  Michael consults with the Maine CDC and NH DHHS on mosquito and tick biology and surveillance.

Stephen Freeman

Director of Operations

  • For twelve years, Steve has been the driving force that keeps Swamp, Inc., running on a daily basis. A graduate of Thomas College, he holds a BS in Business Management. 

  • Steve is the first contact for Swamp, Inc. and MPMS. He coordinates all office related duties including invoicing, scheduling, and project planning.

  • He works directly with our Project Manager scheduling applications for town programs involving mosquito and tick control, weed control, turf management and mosquito emergency programs.

Kimberly A. Foss

Director of Biology and Surveillance 

  • Kimberly holds a BS in Environmental Science and Policy (Concentrations in Ecology and Biology), and has been with Swamp, Inc. for eleven years.  Kimberly oversees surveillance for our mosquito and tick control programs.

  • Kim is an expert in Culiseta melanura, the EEE mosquito, and has presented habitat and control data at the state, federal, and international level.

  • Kim has found numerous mosquito species that are now state records for Maine and New Hampshire. Her work has also been published in The Journal of The American Mosquito Control Association and The Maine Entomologist. Kim recently presented her findings on special mosquito habitats at the 2014 Northeast Mosquito Control Association conference.

Justin Adams

 Biological Field Technician 

  • Justin has been with Swamp, Inc. for 9 years.   Justin oversees the weekly light trapping and catch basin routes for our municipal accounts and conducts species identification of larvae in both catch basins and natural habitats.

  • Justin plays a role in the wetland programs, specifically with restoration projects dealing with Japanese Knotweed and Phragmites control as well as other invasive species. 

  • Justin additionally handles writing and securing the permits needed for pesticide control and wetland restoration projects. 

Lee Tsetseranos

Project Manager 

  • Lee has been with Swamp, Inc. for twelve years.  Lee oversees the field work such as the mosquito and tick control programs, turf management accounts, vegetation control, wetland/stormwater management, and other services at the request of towns.

  • Lee also plays a role in the wetland programs, specifically with restoration projects dealing with invasive plant control. 

  • Lee maintains all equipment and product inventory as well as deals with Public Works directly regarding vegetation control.

Ben Goldthwaite

Mechanic and Equipment Operator

  • Ben has been with Swamp, Inc. for five years. He works with staff to design wetland restoration and wetland mowing projects and runs our low ground pressure equipment. 
  • Ben repairs and maintains vehicles and equipment needed to run our operations.