For over 30 years, Swamp, Inc and Municipal Pest Management Services have been controlling mosquitoes in New Hampshire. We strive to provide the best service to our municipalities.


Our Mission

Swamp, Inc. provides integrated mosquito management (IMM) programs in accordance with American Mosquito Control Association guidelines. Our programs are multi-faceted including physical, biological, and chemical control as well as public outreach and education. Our stormwater programs reduce mosquito breeding habitats and restore proper water flow. This reduces mosquito populations without the use of pesticides. Mosquitoes are most vulnerable as larvae, which makes it best to control for maximum effectiveness. We treat as larvae to reduce the pesticides used to control flying adults.

Our PArtners

Swamp, Inc. works closely with local and national health and scientific organizations. We strive to be the link between the research of the academic world and the practical needs of our customers. Swamp, Inc. are active members in the following organizations:

  • American Mosquito Control Association
  • Northeast Mosquito Control Association
  • New Jersey Mosquito Control Association
  • NH Arboviral Group
  • ME Arboviral Workgroup
  • NH EEE Taskforce
  • Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (Research Partner)


  • Community based mosquito control programs for disease risk reduction and to reduce pestiferous mosquito populations.
  • Community weed control programs. Herbiciding sidewalks, curbs, and other right-of-way areas to reduce structural damage and improve town aesthetics.
  • Control of invasive vegetation. Reduces impact on native vegetation and removes unsightly overgrowth.
  • Wetland management services, including low-ground pressure mowing, drainage ditch maintenance, Phragmites control, ornamental pond dredging, and salt marsh restoration.
  • Barrier spraying to repel mosquitoes and ticks.